Residential & Commercial Painting Services Tauranga

Our Passion Is Painting For You

Is your home or building long overdue for a new paint job?
Whether it’s commercial or residential, indoor or outdoor, repaint or roof paint - MSPS have the solution for you!

We’re painters with a passion. A passion for providing YOU with the highest quality finishes. Say goodbye to horrible looking spaces with shoddy workmanship - and hello to amazing spaces you’ll be dying to show off to your friends and family.

All complete with the highest quality workmanship. No exceptions!

We’re Not Your Ordinary Painters...
We’re Young, Fit And Keen To Kick ASS!

If someone working on your job looked depressed or bored - would you be impressed?
We certainly wouldn’t be!

Our passion is what delivers you the best results - so you can expect the best painters with great enthusiasm to match. We guarantee there’ll be no slackers, or lazy staff members working on your projects! This makes for an ideal working environment, and ultimately brings you better results.

We get it done, while still having fun!